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Recommend Item 重点推荐

1. Body Massage 全身按摩 (1hr or 2hrs / 一小时或两小时)
  • 1hr get FOC 1 item 一小时附送一项目(任选如下一项)
  • 2hus get FOC 2 item两小时附送两项目(任选如下两项)
  • FOC item : Medicine Grease , Ear Candling Treatment, Scrub, Infrared Curative, Cupping Therapy, Scrapping Therapy 附送项目选项如:药油、耳烛、磨砂、红紫外线治疗、拔罐、刮痧
Benefit 功效 :
  • It reduce stress 缓解压力
  • It relaxes the entire body 放松身体
  • It improve blood circulation 改善血液循环
  • It boosts immunity 提高免疫力
  • It reduce strain on muscle 舒缓紧绷肌肉
  • It relieves pain 减轻疼痛
  • It firm your skin 紧致肌肤
  • It help eliminate body waste 帮助身体排毒
2. Foot Reflexology脚底按摩(40 mins or 60 mins / 40分钟或60分钟)
  • FOC Herbal Foot Bath 免费赠送中草药泡脚浴
Benefit 功效 :
  • Cure colds/minor ailments治伤风感冒/小病
  • Prevent/cure diseases预防/治疗疾病
  • Increase energy增加能量
  • Relieve stress, pain, and anxiety缓解压力,疼痛和焦虑症
  • Improve blood and lymph circulation改善血液和淋巴循环
  • Stimulate activity of internal organs刺激内脏器官的活动
  • Relieve pressure on legs and feet in pregnant 减轻腿和脚孕妇压力
  • Successfully treat liver dysfunction, constipation, IBS, chronic headaches, and skin allergies成功治疗肝功能障碍,便秘,肠易激综合征,慢性头痛,皮肤过敏
Small Items小项目
  1. Head, Shoulder, Neck & Back Massage 头,手,肩,背腰,颈项,按摩理疗 ( Relieve stress, pain, and anxiety缓解压力,疼痛和焦虑症
  2. Ear Candling Treatment 耳烛排毒 (clears out toxins from ear 具有排毒功效)
  3. Cupping Therapy 拨罐 (faster healing muscles , ligament and tendons促进肌肉,韧带和肌腱愈合)
  4. Scraping Therapy 刮痧 ( improve circulation and blood flow 促进血液循环)
  5. Special Chinese Herbal Foot Treatment 特效中草药浴足 (treatment for foot smell, foot itch, athlete’s foot针对脚臭,脚痒,湿热,香港脚)
  6. Remove Callus, Pedicure, Corn Remedy 修脚、去死皮
  7. Hot stone treatment 热石理疗
  8. Step Back Massage 踩背
Other Item 其他项目
  1. Whitening Facial, Remove Blackance美容洗脸美白嫩肤去黑头
  2. Facial Service 美容护理
    (Skin Whitening, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Wrinkles, Oil Control, Moisturizer)
  3. Eyebrow Trimming 眉型修饰
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